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Employment relations

From a brief one-hour meeting, evolveHR's assessment was thoughtful and very thorough. The steady support enabled me to work through what could have been an extremely stressful situation in a calm, logical manner. Negotiations with my employer with evolveHR's assistance were well prepared and meticulous. Their knowledge and background gave me confidence that a moving-forward, positive outcome was totally possible for both parties. I would highly recommend evolveHR's HR consultancy services to other employees, if employment issues required negotiation. Their advice and support has been invaluable. 


Remuneration solutions pay dividends

When I joined the organisation that I currenty work for, there was no remuneration policy in place and annual reviews were undertaken in a well-intentioned, but subjective manner. We quickly engaged evolveHR to work with us to design a fair and robust remuneration strategy, including the development of a job-level framework, which has brought clarity to our remuneration practices. After quietly ignoring those who challenge all aspects of change as as a matter of course, I can say that this initiative has been very successful. Because there is a proven methodology behind it, annual reviews are no longer challenging to our managers. It has greatly reduced the time to prepare for and implement pay reviews across the organisation and has created more transparency and perceived fairness for our employees. Overall, it has made what can be a problematic area very straightforward and easy to manage and administer.

Loren Allpress, Organisational Development Manager, Mainzeal Property and Construction Limited

Disputes resolution

I am recommending evolveHR for the excellent support and knowledge provided to me in a difficult work situation.

The evolveHR consultant met with me prior and noted all information [including] factual, impressions and evidence, and clarified with me what was not clear. He had taken the time to ensure he was prepared, so I felt prepared too. He highlighted the areas that had not been managed appropriately, for a case to present back to the company, and empowered me to present the case and assisted when I was overwhelmed. At all times he checked in with me that I was comfortable with what was happening. I was most impressed by evolveHR's ethical commitment to present all the information to me some [of which] I did not want to hear, so that my decision-making was based in knowledge not emotions.

His knowledge of employment law enabled him to deal with this situation quickly and effectively to allow me to move on with my life. I am grateful; he did not treat me like a problem to be fixed. This was just a journey off life's path and evolveHR was my tour guide back to the main path.



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