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Recruitment systems and services

It almost goes without saying that recrutiment decisions number among the most far-reaching and significant decisions an organisation ever makes. The calibre of your people is crucial to fulfilling your strategic ambitions.

Here at evolveHR, we're not narrow-focused, commission-driven recruitment agents.

Rather, we're broad-based HR business partners. We concentrate on developing  organisations into perfromance- and talent-focused enterprises. Enterprises where every HR function, not least recruitment, aligns seamlessly with the strategic priorities of the business.

With more than 20 years' experience in recruitment – from CEO-level to operational-level down -  evolveHR can assist with any degree of expertise you require.

Unlike most recruitment and sourcing agencies, we do not work on a commission basis. Consequently, our professional services are very affordable.

evolveHR's recruitment processes put particular emphasis on the decision-making process itself. We:

  • offer our Selecting People™ recruitment and selection system/kit so you can make the best, well-informed recruitment and selection decisions to match your strategic priorities
    AND/ OR
  • undertake full, or part, recruitment assignments on your behalf, including psychometric testing of candidates
  • assist with whatever level of support you require

I am the owner of a small business with no previous recruitment experience . I had previously run into difficulty attempting to hire staff which had resulted negatively in terms of wasted time, money and stress. I found the experience, advice and systems provided by evolveHR practical and logical . evolveHR helped us minimise the employment risk and choose someone who has since become an invaluable member of our team. I am now in a position to focus on growing my business and feel confident about my ability to make recruitment decisions in the future.

The above testimonial was kindly supplied by MIles Clark, of MoaTrek New Zealand Ltd 


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