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Psychometric testing

Psychometric testing can play an important role in several key HR functions, particularly recruitment and performance management.

Yet if they're poorly utilised, psychometric test results are at best of little or no value. And at worst they can lead to missed opportunities and costly mistakes.

Many organisations fail to interpret respondents' test results in their full context. At evolveHR we specialise in linking job profile success factors (competencies) with specific test dimensions.

We use well-researched, well-regarded (preferably New Zealand-developed) online psychometric tests to ensure our clients receive maximum value from their investment in testing. Specifically we:

  • establish the relationships between the job profile components, especially competencies, and the test dimensions
  • determine the expected performance ranges
  • compare the test results with the expected performance ranges
  • write detailed commentaries on test performance to assist with selection decisions

Download our pdfPsychometric Testing Brochure208.49 KB

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