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Online job profiles

Fact: more often than not, people issues in the workplace stem lack of clarity surrounding roles

Clear, consistent, "living" job profiles are the cornerstones of effective people management, with implications for everything from recruitment and employee engagement to performance management.

How do your organisation's job descriptions shape up?

Now  you can create and manage all your job profiles efficiently online with evolveHR's eJobProfiler.

evolveHR's innovative online eJobProfiler™ quickly pays for itself by minimising the time and effort required to build and maintain effective job profiles or job descriptions. eJobProfiler™:

  • builds and maintains state-of-the-art customised job profiles
  • requires minimal effort, saving time and money
  • allows HR professionals to delegate job-profiling to non-HR managers, yet still retain central control
  • brings absolute clarity to every role – critical for engagement, recruitment and performance management
  • defines the 'what', the 'how' and the skills etc of each role:
    • develops Focused Key Results Areas (KRAs), with actions and measures
    • defines the Behavioural Success Factors for each role
  • demonstrates the links between roles
  • brings clarity and focus to your organisation structure and job families
  • manages the entire process online


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