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Resolving employment disputes - for employers

Employment disputes can quickly and unnecessarily escalate.

At evolveHR we focus on achieving the most practical and workable outcomes for our business clients. Which means we won't focus solely on employment law when resolving your workplace dispute.  

We know from long experience that effective communication and a bit of “win-win" go a very long way towards both preventing and resolving employment disputes - not to mention avoiding costly legal bills.

Our clients often tell us that they learnt some valuable lessons from the way we handle disputes - and remark how pleasantly surprised they are at the outcomes we achieve. 

You can trust us our experience with:

  • disciplinary situations
  • dismissals
  • restructuring and redundancies
  • union negotiations
  • personal grievances
  • mediations and Employment Relations Authority hearings
  • employment agreement negotiations

We are a cost-effective, affordable resource, offering several payment options including: a set hourly fee; a set fee for a specific issue; and a retainer option where organisations pay a set amount for all employment issues over an agreed period. 

Our initial phone consultation is free. Contact Us for a confidential discussion about your needs.

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