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Human Resources policies

Clear and effective HR policies and procedures play key roles in minimising misunderstandings and disputes in the workplace. We can provide a wide range of generic HR policies that can either be used off the shelf, or modified to suit your organisation. Alternatively, we can develop policies specific to your organisation requirements. Quality HR policies help ensure that your people are treated fairly and consistently, which are essential to a healthy culture. If you do have policies in place, are they:

  • aligned with your employment agreements?
  • consistent with your strategies and your culture?
  • in compliance with employment legislation?

Policies are normally provided in MS Word format. Here's some examples of the types of policies we provide:

  • annual leave
  • sick leave and domestic Leave
  • leave applications and approvals
  • KiwiSaver
  • external education
  • time off in lieu
  • grievances and disputes
  • confidentiality
  • restraint of trade
  • redundancy
  • security
  • travel/overseas travel
  • travel allowances
  • remuneration
  • performance reviews


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