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Resource Library

We’ve produced a wide range of articles and papers on human resources and related topics, some of which feature below.

You’re welcome to download any of the following articles. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to discuss them in more detail, including how the concepts  could be applied in your workplace:



pdfWhat Price Values458.54 KB

Moments of truth . . . and careful restructuring. We discuss the implications of culture change and 'the way they do things around here'


 pdfA Question of Balance298.63 KB

In the search for better ways to link individual performance with organisations'  key results areas, the balanced scorecard has gained a significant measure of success. In this article we marry the concept with HR strategy


pdfIdentifying and Assessing Integrity in the Recruitment Process419.76 KB

When you know what you are looking for there's a much greater chance you'll recognise it when you see it...
This article explores this critical area.

pdfPay for Performance457.43 KB

If you want more from less you have to pay for it - properly. We address the balance between the inputs and the outputs of performance

pdfTo Consult or not to Consult239.66 KB

Consultants play a significant role in the post-recession business environment, as companies amortise hefty wage costs in favour of engaging services on a "needs" basis. Here's an interesting perspective...

pdfThe Role of the Job Profile in Recruitment446.07 KB

The job profile is the most fundamental and crucial element of the whole recruitment process - knowing the profile of the role you are seeking to fill.




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