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Employee engagement surveys

Team Survey

evolveHR's confidential, anonymous online Team Survey™ is not the typical, one-size-fits all "mass market" engagement survey.

Get precise feedback revealing what your people and teams really think about your organisation. How well engaged are they? Where are the opportunities for improvement?

One of Team Survey's™ strengths lies in the way we expertly customise the survey to create internal benchmarks specific to each client organisation.

That way, you end up with the most meaningful and useful survey data to work with during the post-survey, action-planning Team Feedback™ phase.

It's identifying and tracking progress against internal benchmarks that can empower an organisation to get the best out of its people. We strongly believe that robust internal benchmarking lies at the heart of a high-quality engagement survey.

At evolveHR we begin each client's survey design by understanding their business strategy and perceived culture.

We finalise the survey's content in close consultation with you, the client. We take care of every aspect of the survey's administration. Our secure software ensures every respondent's survey response is anonymous and confidential. And we present your results in a series of highly informative, yet easy-to-understand reports.

What's more, when it comes to interpreting and addressing the opportunities that arise out of your Team Survey™ findings, we give you all the expert support you need. That's because we're not just a survey company – we're broad-based HR experts as well.

Team Feedback™

Communicating your Team Survey™ results and engaging teams in the issues and opportunities that emerge are the keys to leveraging value from your Team Survey™.

evolveHR has the expertise to take care of this crucial communication process from start to finish.

We can fully facilitate the evolveHR Team Feedback™ action-planning workshop process.

Alternatively, we can train your team leaders to competently lead or co-lead the sessions themselves.

Our initial phone consultation is free. Contact Us for a confidential discussion of your needs.

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