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Psychometric testing - worth it?

To test or not to test? At evolveHR, we're of the opinion that all too often organisations "test for testing's sake". That is, they use psychometric testing on candidates or employees without really knowing why they are doing it or what it is they are testing for, or even whether it's worthwhile testing at all. 

Trust us, it goes on a lot. And it can be very misleading.

So, a few simple guidelines from evolveHR:

If you are determined to use psychometric testing, be absolutely clear about what it is you are seeking to assess!

In order to do that, you'll need to have a darned good job profile in front of you that clearly describes the criteria required for success in the role before you can even contemplate finding the right test and using it effectively.  (If you want to implement great job profiles into your organisation, talk to us about our innovative, online eJobProfiler system!)

Using a very well-defined job profile, you can easily identify the make-or-break' "knock-out" factors that the person needs to succeed.

Next up, establish the test-performance ranges for each of those critical factors. (And using our Selecting People recruitment system, that process is also very straightforwrd because we have established performance ranges across a wide range of behavioural success factors.)

Then it's a very easy task to relate the test results back to the pre-determined, critcal role criteria. 

If you follow this simple, but effective approach, you won't find yourself bamboozled or overwhelmed by the string of results psychometric tests can generate. You'll be able to see clearly what's important and what's not. Meaning, you won't make the mistake of taking into consideration results which, although they may appear relevant, in fact have little or no bearing on actual job performance.

We provide a psychometric testing service with special emphasis on behavioural success factors or competencies. And we offer a full information paper on psychometric testing, covering how to use it appropriately and to best effect, available free on request. Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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