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Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

The terms set out in this document (Terms of trade) govern the supply of all products, systems and services from evolveHR® Limited (evolveHR® referred to as "us" and "we") to clients (referred to as "you").

By accepting products and/or services from us, or by visiting our website, you indicate your acceptance of these terms of trade.

1.1 You may not use the materials contained or referred to on this website except as provided for in these terms of trade.

2. Privacy

2.1 We may ask you for personal information, such as your name, business name, phone numbers, email address, postal address or payment details, depending on the nature of the information, product or service you have an expressed an interest in.

2.2 We will use your personal information in order to supply you with information, products and services in the following ways: to respond to your enquiries; register you to receive blogs, newsletters and press releases; inform you about special offers on our products and services; carry out online surveys which may be of interest to you; and enable you to pay for the products and services you select ie credit and account management. Your personal details remain confidential to us

2.3 You may amend your personal information at any time

2.4 You may choose not to receive news or promotional materials from us at any time, by emailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and including the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line

2.5 evolveHR® makes every reasonable effort to keep the information on our website secure, but we cannot be held responsible for any breach of security outside our control

2.6 We may gather statistical information from our website, such as the number of visitors.

3. Products & Services

3.1 evolveHR® provides the range of HR-related products and services outlined on our website, www.evolvehr.co.nz ,to companies and individuals within the terms of trade covered in this document.

3.2 When accessing information about products and services described on our website, you acknowledge that the information provided is general only and cannot be a substitute for specific advice.

3.3 evolveHR® makes every effort to ensure that its products and services are of the highest standard, but shall not be held liable for any information that is inaccurate or incomplete.

4. Intellectual property

4.1 evolveHR® is the owner of the intellectual property of the materials and products supplied to you, including the contents of our website www.evolvehr.co.nz. This includes but is not limited to all written text, diagrams, charts, company logos and graphics. You may not copy, reproduce or distribute any of these without our prior, express, written permission.

4.2 When we supply you with our intellectual property or when you commission us to develop a product or system on your behalf, we shall remain the owners of the intellectual property of that product or system; and you are the licensee. The product or system may not, therefore, be reproduced or modified in any way without our prior, express, written permission.

4.3 When we grant you a licence to use an evolveHR® system, the specific terms of trade for the specific system also applies.

4.4 With regard to the products and systems provided to you, you acknowledge that we have supplied it to you only for the purposes intended. We reserve the right to cancel the licence at any time if you are in breach of these terms and you may be required by us to cease using the intellectual property forthwith.

4.5 Should you distribute or reproduce any information, articles or content from our website, you must ensure that our intellectual property marks e.g. copyright and trademarks etc are applied to all the materials distributed; ensure that evolveHR® is acknowledged as the author of any written material; and ensure that the content of any information, articles or content is not altered or amended in any way.

4.6 You may not cause any damage to the copyright of any evolveHR® intellectual property, or do anything which would endanger it or assist others to damage or endanger it. You may not attempt to deface, or damage the evolveHR website or assist others to do so.

5. Payment terms

5.1 Full payment for products and services is due fourteen days from receipt of invoice, unless alternative payment options have been agreed upon in advance with evolveHR.

5.2 If you do not pay in full by the due date, we reserve the right to charge you interest on the unpaid balance at the prevailing overdraft rate and we may also charge additional costs, such as, but not limited to, collection costs and legal costs. We may also suspend your licence to use our intellectual property until full payment is made. However we will endeavour to advise you in advance of any such intended action.

6. Limitations of liability

6.1 In all cases, evolveHR®'s liability shall be limited to the value of the invoice relating to the service or product provided in the event the service or product is defective. None of evolveHR®'s employees, contractors or suppliers, will be liable to you for loss or damage of any kind, however that loss or damage arises. evolveHR® is not liable for, loss of data, consequential loss, loss of contracts, loss of profits and or damage, or any other type of loss, as a result of using its products or services.

6.2 evolveHR® shall not be liable for any losses of any kind or any delay in supplying products or services which are caused wholly or in part by force majeure including but not limited to any action of God, natural or man-made disaster, network service failure, or any other reason beyond our control.

6.3 These terms of trade are subject to the laws of New Zealand.

6.4 evolveHR® may at any time revise its terms of trade and its clients will be bound by any changes to them.